Novakid Teacher Academy launches a CPD-accredited course for online ESL teachers

Novakid, an expert provider of Young Learner ESL teaching knowledge and best practice, has launched the Novakid Teacher Academy. 

The first course being offered to new and experienced ESL teachers is the Novakid TEYL course, an extensive programme that includes practical tips and solutions on how to excel at teaching online lessons to young learners. This CPD accredited course will earn teachers a 35-hour certificate and teachers have 60 days to complete the course at a time that suits their schedules. 

Novakid is one of Europe’s leading online education platforms, specialising in teaching English to young learners. Elena Campanella, Head of Teacher Ops for Novakid, said: “We are English teaching professionals with extensive expertise in online teaching in particular. Novakid experts from the Teacher Development team and our best tutors worked together to create the Novakid Teacher Academy course materials that will help teachers start their journey into the ESL world. In this self-paced course, teachers will receive structured information, best practice case studies and teaching tips.”

The Novakid Teacher Academy will consist of three areas of focus:

  1. Teacher Certification: Novakid CPD-accredited programmes are aimed at a varied range of customers: from parents doing homeschooling to public institutions (from nurseries to universities). The courses will provide the participants with the necessary skill set to teach young learners online successfully. CPD UK accreditation confirms that the holders of Novakid Teacher Academy certificates have the necessary competencies to work in the TEYL industry.
  2. Teacher Academy Course Library: By September 2023, participants will have access to a collection of short, asynchronous certified courses that can be completed on their own or as part of a bundle. These courses are developed in-house by the Novakid content team, and include webinars and printable teaching materials suitable for both online and offline teaching.
  3. Novakid Teacher Community: All non-affiliated teachers will be able to access the platform to share best practice, learn and engage with other teachers. The community will enable all the course takers to connect with each other when they need support while completing this self-paced course. In addition, they will receive exclusive access to special events.

English language learning has increased in importance since most public schools made English classes compulsory. In turn, children are learning to speak the language at a younger age and parents have high expectations for their children to quickly become fluent in English. This has led to edtech companies taking up the opportunity to fill the gaps between public schooling and parental expectations. In this situation, teachers who acquire real-life experience with online teaching tools and platforms will have access to better career opportunities and increased student retention.  

According to a range of research conducted on various TEFL providers, there are an average of 20,000 job postings on TEFL platforms. It was found that teaching experience is less important to TEFL employers than TEFL certification. In fact, the majority of all posts advertised were open to newly qualified teachers. This can be attributed to the revision of teaching methods – from offline to online or hybrid classrooms. Flexibility and CPD are the two key components teachers need to survive and prosper in the ever-changing classroom.

“Teaching online gives you the opportunity to manage your own time and earning potential – this course gives you the tools you need to be an effective online TEYL teacher,” commented Campanella. 

Novakid is a learning games company best known for its industry-leading English as a Second Language learning platform for kids aged 4 to 12 years old. As the go-to platform for game-based learning, Novakid is the next generation in online learning for kids. 

Max Azarov, CEO of Novakid said, “Learning English equips children with the skills and talents to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Novakid brings fun, adventure and imagination into the homes of our students. Our unique methodology and curriculum allows children to learn English through immersive, fun and playful online activities.”

The launch price for the first course is $29.99 (normal price: $54.99). To find out more about the Novakid Teacher Academy, please visit the website

The CPD Certification Service is the world’s leading and largest independent CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation institution operating across all industry sectors. 

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