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I’ve been a teacher sharer for my entire teaching career – from backpacker to professor to ed-tech entrepreneur. From ditto machine to digital machine. From EFL Classroom 2.0 to ELT Buzz.

Today, I’d like to offer teachers to join me on a professional development journey. Teaching Recipes & Inspiration – a subscriber newsletter.

A few times a week, receive a teaching material with some instructions and comments about its general use. Right into your inbox. Nothing else – no spam. Just the material to download and use directly. Further, ask me questions, request a lesson material or unit and comment. It will be a community for your personal and professional development. Existing Premium members of ELT Buzz Teaching Resources will get a free invite.

I’m solving a problem I’m hearing. Many subscribers to the library say they are kind of “lost” in its huge offerings. With Teaching Recipes & Inspiration – I’ll make myself available for guidance and offer more complete instructions about lesson materials.

There is a launch free trial. 7 days free to see what you are going to get each day. The price is low – cost-effective. For the price of a coffee in many places, you’ll receive 30 days of lesson resources, access to much more plus a teaching mentor to help you out should that be needed. I’ve been striking out on my own and appreciate all the faith hard-working teachers out there put in me. As always, any problems, contact me and it is a money-back, satisfaction anytime guarantee.

Don’t know much about me? Read below or visit my LinkedIn profile or personal website.

Of course – the ELT Buzz Lesson Library and ELT Buzz Video Lessons are still always there.

Daily Teaching Inspiration is a subscription newsletter offering daily lesson materials, advice and community - direct to your inbox.

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