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An Idea A Minute

David is a Canadian who became a citizen of the world, is undoubtedly the teacher and trainer who taught me the most from an educational point of view on online learning platforms. This man has about one idea per second, and it’s not just ideas because he’s implementing them. First, there was the extraordinary adventure of EFL Classroom 2.0 which continues elsewhere and now EnglishCentral. The English teachers around the world who have been inspired by his enormous work, his positive energy, his humanism and his ability to train undoubtedly number in the tens of thousands. His vision of the teaching of English and the teaching of modern languages, I would like to see applied in France.

Vincent Mespoulet

Well Worth A Look!

Thanks to David Deubelbeiss at ELT buzz for all his contributions to ELT. Check out this website for some really lovely videos for SEL (social-emotional learning). Lots of other goodies too!

I have just reviewed this website and I am amazed at the number of high-quality lesson materials there are in one place! It is an instant lesson library. Well worth a look!

Marianne Jordan, Pronunciation Club
Dublin, Ireland

A Phenomenal Job

As soon as I reviewed your site, I registered at the premium level so I could gain access to all of the leveled content.

You, and your team have done a phenomenal job aggregating the mountains of ELT content that exists for ESL/TESOL teachers.

Now, I can go to one site, ELT BUZZ!

Daniel Zimmerman
ESL Instructor, Berlitz

Speaking practice here we come

I have only just discovered ELT buzz this month, but have already used three of their engaging and often thought-provoking videos in my adult conversation classes. So far I have used short films (e.g., Post It) and adverts (e.g., Think different) to introduce conversation topics and get everyone talking. The lessons have been a huge success and I am very grateful ELT buzz provides such stimulating material. It’s my new go-to website as it contains a wealth of resources that spread the joy of language learning.

Kirsten Sutton
KS Language Consultancy

Pure gold!

I absolutely love everything about this platform, sometimes finding the right materials as an ESL teacher can be challenging, since they have to be level and content appropriate and engaging as well, so this is everything I need to make my life easier and my lessons better. Thank you!

Rocio Rojas
The Little Classroom - Online tutoring and English classes

Great worksheets for lessons

Thank you for a such great site! It helps to save my time while preparing to my lessons. I can find handouts for different levels of students and of different activities, such as videos, grammar, speaking, listening.

What I like the most is that all activities have up to date information. The video lessons are great! Especially I like to work with your worksheets to different cartoons and I can use them both online and offline. Thank you very much!

Tatiana Alyamovskaya
Private school

Trust and Follow Experts

ELTbuzz resources are of great value! The weekly newsletters provide educators with extremely interesting and useful teaching/learning materials.

The team’s primary interest is learners’ needs and their posts are most useful since they enable EFL/ESL teachers to create and develop their learners’ intrinsic motivation. Teachers can also make use of excellent practice material in the target language. Congratulations! You are one of a kind!

Anastasia Katsouda

A great resource!

ELTBuzz is a fantastic resource for teachers everywhere. It’s not difficult to find mediocre materials online; it’s harder to locate a storehouse of consistently usable content. David has been a prolific materials developer for years, and this shows in the selection here. He also understands that teachers need friendly and functional interfaces. I love how materials here are so well categorized, easily searchable, and there’s a great ‘saved folder’ function. Keep an eye out for access code promotions! ELTBuzz is a teacher-friendly endeavor rather than some soulless corporate project, so getting teachers involved and inspired is front and center. I love that!

Matthew Noble
RMUTT, Thailand

Great value for money

ELTbuzz takes a lot of burden off teachers. They are free to analyse their students needs.
It would not be possible with the constant need to keep sourcing the right material.

Thanks you ELTbuzz for organizing the materials in such a great way.

Muhammad Shujaat

Ed-Tech Teacher

“The resources there are too numerous to mention. Few people have helped more ESL/EFL teachers learn about using technology than David Deubelbeiss, founder of ELT Buzz.”

Larry Ferlazzo
Teacher, Blogger

Simply The Best

I want to applaud David and the ELT Buzz team. We’ve been using the teaching resources and are amazed at the quality and also how many are published EVERY week. Kudos!

James Havelin
Language Trainer Associates

An Amazing Library

ELT Buzz is an amazing EFL library with a huge community of experts on board to help any establishment wishing to implement personalized learning methodologies.

Sylvia Guinan


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