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Some good news. I’ve been slowly building the library of ELT Buzz Video. https://eltbuzz.com/video

It’s full of 1,000s of expertly chosen videos for ELLs with individual video lesson materials. All, are carefully categorized by level, age, and interest. I’ve used my deep experience in this area to provide teachers with what I believe is an extraordinary catalog, second to none.

I’ve been asked a lot about some functionality and improvements and happy to say, a few have arrived on the platform!

Now – users can register and favorite videos to create a list to return to and easily find their favorites for teaching.

Secondly, if you want to use the lesson materials, subscribe and support us for a low annual, non-recurring fee (29.95/year) and download all and any lesson materials for each video.

After registration and payment, just click “Request Verification” on your profile page and we’ll check and then upgrade your account. A download button will appear. Additionally, you’ll also get access to our full Lesson Library with 1,000s of materials for all levels and ages. We’ll send you an access code to upgrade upon your 1-year subscription.

Appreciate any and all support. Any questions, drop them here in the comments or contact us. Thanks!

ELT Buzz Video

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