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One thing I’ve always been enamored by is the possibility to “build” and create things to help teachers and learners online. Sure, it takes some time and investment to learn to code, design etc … but anyone can do it with perseverance. I call this “mucking about”. I’m a mucking abouter. On top of this, I’ve always loved curating. Taking what’s out there, collecting it and making it shine. I’m a curator.

So after seeing a post of a teacher sharing one of the tools I’ve built, I thought I’d list them here and share. Many are just under the radar and not known about at all. They are online and especially handy given pandemic remote teaching.

  1. Online Prompt Generator – 1,000s of prompts in many categories for instant student engagement.
  2. ELT Video – New one, find all the best videos for teaching English in one spot.
  3. ELT Video Youtube Search – Search for any Youtube video and watch in an ad free, uncluttered environment.
  4. Free English Level Placement Test. – Students take the test and get a certification of their results and can also email to their teacher.
  5. Who Is Speaking? Quiz. – A good language awareness activity. Guess where the speak is from.
  6. Story Dice Generator. Choose how many dice and launch. Using the icons, students tell a story.
  7. Picture Prompt Generator. ImagineIt. Show a random photo and students discuss the context.
  8. Gif Vocab App. Pull up gifs instantly for a given theme, word or level. Great for student study. Part of the Gif Lingua Leveled Readers library.

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