Leveled Readers – Help!

ELT Buzz Teaching Resources is a big fan of leveled reading. It is research supported and should be a foundation of any English language teaching program.

We have designed thousands of CEFR aligned leveled readers that are highly engaging to students. Year subscribers can access and download the readers as pdf, pptx and videos to make an instant extensive reading library for all leveled of learners, all ages.

However, our books don’t have “voice” / audio. We need your help. We’d like to harness the energy of the wider ELT teacher community to add voiceovers to the readers. In return for any teacher’s help – we’ll give you a full year, full access to all the teaching resources on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources!

We aren’t looking for “native speakers”. We WANT a variety of accents and speakers reading the books. All you need is a strong command of English and good pronunciation.

To get started, follow these instructions – or see this screencast and send us your video file. They are short books and won’t take long. $1.50 / video. Send us 20 voiceovers and we’ll reward you with a Premium Year membership too! Do more and we’ll love you even more! Let us know if interested – info@eltbuzz.com

Instructions for recording a voiceover for our leveled readers.

1. Go to the video folder. Download a video book to record a voiceover. You can choose from any of the 6 levels. (don’t go in the News folder).

2. Download Videopad NCH. You will use this to record the voiceover.

3. Open Videopad. Add the video to the Media folder. Right-click and select “add to start of sequence”.

4. Click “Audio” and “Over Video”. A pop up will open.

5. Click Record and start reading the book naturally. Relaxed, friendly voice. Express yourself but not too much.

6. Click Export. Export the video. Name the same name as it has but add “Audio” to the end.

7. Send / email us to finish. david@eltbuzz.com

View The Screencast Version

Thanks for helping English language students all over the world.

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