Novakid introduces new 40-minute game-based learning sessions

Novakid, a leading online ESL platform for children between 4-12 years of age, has updated its 25-minute one-on-one English lesson format to a 40-minute fun and interactive educational journey for young students.


This product update is aligned with Novakid´s primary goal of extending the learning cycle and supporting student-centered learning models while keeping it still fun for kids.


Each learning session is promoted to lasts 40 minutes – at no additional cost to clients – and includes three elements: a context-setting warm-up video and interactive activity, followed by the 1-1 lesson with a qualified ESL teacher that uses Novakid’s unique story-based Magic Academy curriculum, and ends with a gamified self-practice ‘fun-work’ after the lesson.


Since August 2022, Novakid has noted that the average time spent by students on game-like self-practice activities beyond structured lessons has tripled.


“With this new format, the teacher’s focus is gradually shifting towards helping students with conversational English, while the game-based self-practice helps kids practice the words and concepts taught by the teacher, improving overall learning effectiveness. Our core audience has expressed their appreciation for this update, as it yields better academic results using scientific methods like spaced repetition and gamification concepts and doesn’t put class time and budget pressure on parents,” said Nitin Ramrakhyani, Vice President – Product & Design at Novakid.


In March 2022, Novakid conducted a study to discover how students’ engagement correlates with their learning performance.  The results demonstrated that different self-practice content elements like games, an engaging storyline and gamified learning interface led to a 39% increase in the student learning performance.


“In 2023, we are focusing on increasing the time spent by learners independently on our platform to 70% and reducing teacher-aided lesson time to 30%. Supported by technologies, we are planning to create a more personalized and interactive learning cycle consisting of one-to-one lessons, social activities and daily self-practice via a mobile app,” said Max Azarov, CEO of Novakid.


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Novakid believes that this new lesson structure will benefit the students’ retention rate and ultimately will have a positive impact on its health metrics.

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