Resources For Teachers

ELT Buzz Video was created to highlight the power of video in English language education. We hope to inspire teachers to use more video directly with students in class or assigning it as “input” as part of a blended learning approach.

Please support us by purchasing lesson materials or get them all through a low cost subscription to ELT Buzz Teaching Resources. Thank you!

Here below are some free resources for teachers about using video in the English language classroom.

Our iconic presentation with 50 ways to use video as a lesson material. Get the PDF here. 

Here are some more examples of how you can use video in the classroom.

Use the Play, Pause, Play presentation, free for all teachers.  Also, see this 3 Ways poster. 

We have a full directory of the Top 100 Youtube videos for teaching English. Download HERE. 

Click on the play button to view the video.  Subscribe to ELT Buzz Teaching Resources to get the teaching resources for each video or purchase the full directory HERE. 

Make almost any video into a lesson with these slick templates.  Download HERE.

Students use the template to record information from the video and report back to the class.

Homework. Classwork. Listening work. They just work.

Here is a nice guidebook with ideas and resources for using commercials in the English language classroom. Some free activity pages at the end.

Here is a nice list of our top video lessons.  Download the PDF. 

Click the title to go to the resources. Click play to preview the video.

Silent videos and short films are excellent for focusing on student language production and having students use the film as a prompt. Here are many suggested ways to use silent videos. Hope this inspires you! Download the PDF.  See the blog post with full explanations and examples.


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