Why Use Us?

ELT Buzz Teaching Resources has a lot to offer schools and teachers. We provide an instant lesson library. But we need your financial support to continue to operate and grow.

So we’ve come up with 10 reasons why you or your school should subscribe. Just the truth Ruth! Straight to the point.

#1. No More Wasted Time Searching And Getting Junk.

Our main mission is to make sure that when you get a printable, a pptx, a lesson supplement – you get quality! Not some cruddy worksheet with spelling mistakes, bad formatting, inappropriate content and even mistakes! Sure, there are sites like Busy Teachers, ISL Collective etc …. but 9 out of 10 times, you’ll be wasting a helluva lot of time searching, only to come up with a piece of junk.

#2. Price. Price. Price.

We know teachers don’t have deep pockets. Nor do schools. So our pricing and access to the whole catalog of 1,000s upon 1,000s of resources is 1/10th of the least expensive out there. Yes, that’s right. We are here to support teachers, not see education as a $ sign. Try ESL Library or OneStopEnglish for example. Their monthly price is equal to or more than our pricing for 1 year! Or just think about getting resources on TES or TPTs. What you spend there for a few worksheets can = access to 1,000s on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources. Also, if not satisfied, just contact us within your first week and we guarantee we’ll give you a refund.

3. Variety. Variety. Variety. We got your back!

Sure, price is important but more important is that teachers can find what they need to supplement their lessons and syllabuses. We cover all grades, all levels of English language learners and even offer a plethora of teacher training materials. And it will only get better. Click on the tags to get what you need or search based on keywords. Here is one example – Back To School. Also, see our lesson directory.

#4. NEW is our middle name.

Don’t you hate it when you get a lesson library or bank of teaching materials and they aren’t current, they are tired, worn out, behind the times? It’s crucial content creators stay on top of things and offer the best new videos, topics, designs for classroom use. Sure, there are some evergreen topics but it is incumbent on curriculum teams to produce materials that are relevant to the times. On ELT Buzz Teaching Resources, we offer newly created lessons and resources daily. Yes, daily! Also, a weekly newsletter highlighting new resources.

#5. We understand you. For Teachers, By Teachers.

We aren’t some big, anonymous corporation with shadowy funding and hidden agenda. We are a small, agile team of classroom-tested teachers prepared to go that extra mile. In 2020, we’ll be launching for all subscribers a new service – lesson content/curriculum on-demand. Just make a request and we’ll be there to help you get the teaching resources you need or create them if needed.

#6 Leveled Reading.

We support extensive reading and supplying students with leveled readers they WANT to read. We keep it simple and teachers get access to over 2,500 leveled readers to print or download. Year subscribers get the whole catalog also in pptx (movable images) and video. Use on your own servers, allow your students to access them. Many are also teaching aids and good for teachers to present examples of vocabulary, grammar, topics. View the readers here or sample videos on our Youtube channel.

#7. Extras. Innovation.

We are constantly innovating and coming up with new tools for teachers to use in class. Your support helps us with this. For example, see our Discussion Generators. Just click and get prompts for student discussion. Your financial support and subscription also supports financially our free sites that support teachers like EFL Teaching Recipes, Gif Lingua and of course our ELT Buzz teaching news directory.

#8. Video. It’s The Visual Language Textbook.

Video is an essential material for all language classrooms these days. We have 100s of video-based lessons where you get instant access to the videos to use in class. Also, find lots of quality audio on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources. We believe input, comprehensible, quality input is key to language learning.

#9. A Materials Light Approach.

We truly believe that materials shouldn’t be dense, text or visually overwhelming and confusing to use in class. English language learning materials should be “light” and a place and forum where learners can meet use and engage with the language. We keep our worksheets black and white and printer kind. Materials need little explanation to use – the logic and teaching delivery is evident in their design or the design helps them be used in different ways – for example, our 100s of templates or graphic organizers.

#10. Support.

This should probably be #1. We provide extra support for all teachers. Chat is directly on the site and just add a question there, make a request and we’ll respond ASAP. Or use our contact us page. Subscribers get extra help with finding quality resources – see our selection of the highest value of resources for supporters, for example.

So please upgrade and join us! Schools interested in access codes for all their teachers at a significant discount based on numbers should contact us. We’ll provide you with access codes your teachers can use to upgrade. It’s that easy!

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