2021 In Review

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Despite the upside-down nature of 2021 caused by the pandemic, we at ELT Buzz have been pushing on. We have a lot to be proud of in 2021.

  • We launched ELT Buzz Video – a platform with over 1,200 specially chosen videos for English teaching. All with supplemental resources.
  • Looking back over the statistics, we posted an average of 74 lesson materials to our lesson library each week. Always new, relevant and at an affordable price for all teachers. Our free materials section has also grown by leaps and bounds.
  • The weekly ELT Buzz News Report has surpassed 5,000 subscribers. See some of our past newsletters.
Some fresh stats as of today. We do need more paid subscribers!

We get a lot of feedback about our teaching resources. A big thank you to all who replied to us over the past year – telling us the good and the bad (typos, minor errors usually). This has been a big help. Also, a shout out to those who gave us a testimonial or helped us with voiceovers of our 1,000s of leveled readers (subscribers access them as pptx and pdfs). Thanks!

So to sum up – we’ve had a stellar 2021. Here we’d like to mention by downloads in our lesson library and on TpTs – our top 5 resources teachers loved in 2021.

  1. The Present. A short video that just rocks! A very important message and lots of ways to teach with this using our prepared materials. Library. TpTs.

2. Zen And The Act Of Teaching – Revised. Our most downloaded FREE product. A reflective teaching journal that has been used by many pre and in-service teaching colleges. Special note about the passing of Janet Bianchini in 2021, she was crucial in helping edit this book. Our thanks and memories always.

3, Picture Prompt Writing Book. A nicely designed workbook full of interesting and compelling pictures to prompt student wrting. Library. TpTs.

4. Usain Bolt. Life Story. A wonderful animated film about this famous athlete as a boy. Teachers and students alike loved the story and materials for retelling the story. Library. TpTs.

5. My Octopus Teacher. See my full blog post about this stellar documentary. Students watch and then report back on their learning. Teachers liked these organizers a lot! Library. TpTs.

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