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Social And Emotional Learning is becoming more and more important within curriculums and the things teachers teach. No longer is just content part of the core or “real” curriculum but teachers must also address through their lessons, character and the social-emotional development of students.

It’s always been the case that school was not just teaching students knowledge but also preparing them for life, creating worthy, productive, self-aware and content individuals. Teachers, schools played a role in a student’s emotional development whether it was recognized or not in educational philosophies and school curriculums.

SEL – Social and Emotional Learning is defined as “the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.” It covers a large part of what we used to call – soft skills or life skills or character education.

On the ELT Buzz Video Lesson platform, you’ll find many videos addressing and useful for SEL. Here, we’d like to list some of our absolute favorites, all-time teacher go-tos. Enjoy, hope you use these – they are great!

  1. The Present. Almost always at the top of the list. A story about a boy and a puppy. Students learn a number of lessons; kindness, self-control, friendship, not giving up and more …
  2. 3×3. Do your students give up too easily? Then show the 3×3. This janitor keeps trying ’til he gets it right. Inspiring!
  3. Lou. This beautiful story about a bully who changes his stripes, isn’t just about bullying but so much more. Timeless.
  4. Piper. Award-winning Pixar animation that sees a sandpiper overcome its fears. A hero’s journey from separation to initiation to return and triumph.
  5. Hair Love. A father bonds with his daughter while trying to do her hair. Lots of deep lessons about love and loving.
  6. Validation. A classic about the power of compliments and being kind and nice to others. It will have a real impact!

All these videos have materials for teaching provided and can be found in our lesson library.

To end … a video to inspire all students and even teachers!

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