Video has become a dominant material in our language learning classrooms. It is the “new” textbook.

Part of the story of video’s ascent as a material is the changing way students consume content and language input. Watching. Read my full post on extensive watching.

Students no longer read but now, read and listen. Along with viewing highly contextualized images. That’s the power of video and why watching is the 5th skill of language.

Here is an infographic outlining many ways, activities for using and teaching this skill in class. Ranging from a focus on evaluation and media literacy to simple retelling after watching.

See my full webinar below – on using video in the classroom. Also, view this infographic online or download the PDF. Read more about extensive watching here. Get the infographics for the other 4 skills here. Get more helpers for teaching with video through our video platform – ELT Buzz Video.

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