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It is essential that all teachers build a “toolkit” that includes a set of go-to activities that they can use to teach certain language points or the skills of English. Teachers build up this knowledge through trial and error, finding what kind of activities work for them and their students (differing genders, levels, L1s, ages etc …).

I’ve put a lot of time into classroom teaching. I’ve built my toolkit and also taught many graduate and TESOL certificate practicum and training courses focusing on activities. So here I’d like to share some general infographics with core activities for teaching each skill of English. Speaking. Listening. Reading. Writing. Download each – freely through our lesson library. All professional development materials are free for teachers in the ELT Buzz Lesson Library.

I’ll be updating this post with a full description of these activities for each skill. But find the first one done – for speaking.

View these infographics online – through our Canva library. Also, find the infographic on the 5th skill of English – Watching, here.

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