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A teacher recently asked me if I had any links or resources related to task-based teaching. I did and took some time to send her a few links. I thought I’d share them a little more widely for those looking into teaching with a TBLT approach. Also, see the TBLT tagged posts in our news feed directory.

  1. The TBLT Task Bank. The University Of Indiana has a handy list of activities that are task-based and ready to go for teachers. The search works and is handy. Download the pdf and view the tags. Some are for MFL so you might need just to translate or just get inspiration from the activity.
  2. Foundational Principles Of Task Based Teaching. Martin East. Free book all about TBLT.
  3. Technology and Task Based Teaching. ETPro has a nice blog post all about this topic.
  4. Beliefs & Practices regarding TBLT. Marc Jones. A nice pre-print exploring teacher’s attitudes towards TBLT.
  5. A Course in TBLT. The SLB Coop offers a course to learn more about teaching through tasks. Already started but info. about the next cohort is there.
  6. Process TBLT Syllabus. Geoff Jordan just wrote a comprehensive post exploring the design of a process based TBLT syllabus.
  7. Canadian Benchmarks Can Do Statements. I like to refer teachers to these. Much more “functional” than CEFR statments and a good guide to build a task based curriculum.

Got others to add. Please comment or submit them on ELT Buzz!

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