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I’ve offered all kinds of free assessments for teachers over the years. Assessments developed and tested through teacher communities like the former EFL Classroom. Now that the world has gone and demands more “digital” resources, I’d like to share a few very helpful general assessments with teachers.

  1. ESL. EFL. Basic Placement / Level Test. – Want to know the general level of English of your students? This 50 question test will take students 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Assign with a code you give students and then send them to the link. After, you’ll see the list of your student results and will have an idea of their fluency level and also, how they compare with their classmates or cohort. It also has a paper version – if you want to do it in class, that way.

2. Vocabulary Size Test. Want to know the approximate vocabulary size of your students? This 100 question picture test which gets more difficult as students proceed, will provide you with a good idea of how many words your students know. Assign by code and link and get notified and a list of student results. Multiply the result by 62.5 for the approx. number of words they know. Also, use the attractive pptx version to deliver the test in class.

3. Academic Vocabulary Test. This test will give you an idea of the general level of academic vocabulary your students have, how ready they are for regular classroom academic study. The 30 question assessment can be done online or on paper and you’ll get the results to compare and evaluate students. Also get teaching materials for students to review the top 25 academic words.

These tests are not meant to replace a more lengthy and definitive test of student fluency or vocabulary that will tell you how well students can communicate. Rather, without listening, writing and communicative components – they are meant to give you a general assessment of a student’s level of English.

We appreciate your support and how you find these digital assessments handy!

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