• David Hoffman

    Valerie, teaching effectiveness during these times is a major concern, but it has been a concern that has not been getting enough attention for years. I truly believe that these times also present a wonderful opportunity to involve the students in the solutions and actual authentic and real-world creative problem-solving in a way that has never been attempted. This is exactly what I am working on making a reality. Aside from providing the solutions that are desperately needed for many teachers, schools, and learning communities, I hope to prove that a paradigm shift in education absolutely needs to happen, and not just as a response to the pandemic. I have been fighting to get Creative Problem-Solving to be integrated into education effectively (not just as lip-service) for over a decade. It is horribly lacking, and I have been in this field for nearly 20 years. Currently, I am joining together students globally to help teach them Creative Problem-Solving principles, tools, and lead them toward finding solutions for many of these educational challenges. I can’t wait to see what these students produce!

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