The Best Lessons For Halloween

We at ELT Buzz produce 100s of quality lesson materials each week. Halloween of course is a great theme we’ve covered and find our Halloween related lesson materials for it in our lesson library.

Here are our top, top favs and musts for Halloween lessons!

  1. Dark, Dark Tale. Intermediate. A classic repetitive tale that will scare the bejezzus out of anyone. Set the climate for Halloween with this classic story. Lots of fantastic vocabulary. Get the resources and also view our own even spookier version!

2. Spooky Stories. Advanced. Students can read and also tell and write their own scary stories. It’s a great activity, retelling a story. Set the lights low and let your students tell their scary story! Use these templates. See these 5 spooky stories. And don’t miss – The House On The Lake.

3. Halloween Vocabulary. All Levels. Students need to learn all the specific vocabulary related to the Halloween holiday. Try this bundle for adv. learners or these for beginners. Many more in the ELT Buzz Lesson Library.

4. Scare Videos. All Levels. These work like a charm to set the tone for a Halloween lesson. Here is one we recommend. Turn up the speakers and tell students to watch and tell you why the person falls off the bike.

5. The History Of Halloween. Advanced. It’s good to discuss and learn about how Halloween came about. This video and lesson materials gives a great rundown. Also, try a Halloween-related quiz.

6. Restoration. Beginners. A video ghost story. This story is simple and easy for students to understand. Stop before he goes for a drive and see if students can predict the scary ending.

Whatever happens in your classroom this Halloween – we wish you a spooky Halloween!

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