Gone In A Flash

2021 is here and one of the first impacts to education is the death of flash. You remember those nice learning games, activities with animations? In a word .swf .

No longer will you be able to play those .swf files in your browser. Adobe is terminating support and later this month even the ability to use them at all in a browser.

Flash is dead.

Or is it?

I used flash with my students and to build self-study “labs” for years. Now, if there are teachers out there who’d like to use them and create instantly their own language lab where students can play, learn, study English – I’m sharing my library.

Just download the files (.swf) many in each .zip file. Then share with students who can open them not in a browser but using the free GOM Player. Download it and then open up the .swf files in them to read stories, learn grammar, listen, sing, play language learning games and more …

Oh yes, it is secure. Incase you are wondering. It’s not in your browser, so like a video in a player, you won’t be exposed to any vulnerabilities to your files and computer.

So yes, flash isn’t dead. You just need to use the GOM Player! Register on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources to download the materials HERE.

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