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We are building an incredible library of 1,000s of quality, easy to use and find lesson materials on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources.

We know a teacher’s life is a busy one so here are a few of our most popular categories of materials for easy reference and inspiration! Subscribers – make sure to visit the Premium + category. Regular members view all Free resources. Also view our full Site Directory for more inspiration.

Leveled Readers. We have 1,000s of CEFR aligned leveled readers for subscribers. Many can also be used for instruction and are on grammar and vocabulary topics. A good reason to upgrade!

Back To School. This category is full of icebreakers, warmers, getting to know you type lesson resources.

Video Lessons. Of course, use our Top 100 Youtube Videos ebook to quickly get our top video lessons. But we have hundreds more in the category, all with full teaching materials.

Templates. These “materials light” resources are perfect to get students filling in, organizing and creating their own content. Also see our graphic organizer and helpers categories.

Worksheets. Need just a simple grammar or vocabulary worksheet? Just punch up this category and start browsing hundreds!

Alphabet. Very popular and we have loads of lesson materials related to the alphabet. Categorizing, spelling, teaching it ….

Audio. Sometimes you might just want students listening to pure audio. Well find many ebooks, stories, lessons devote just to this – all with nice mp3s to use.

Professional Development. Looking for articles, presentations and materials devoted to becoming a better teacher? We have many and will be loading up many more over the next few months. This is our current priority.

Young Learners. Our recent survey showed many members want more teaching materials related to children & teens. We’ll be going our best to design and provide these!

Prompts. Prompts are short pieces of language that get students responding either with speech or by writing. We’ve got some really cool ones including our Online Prompt Generator!

Games. Want some fun games to play in class? Look no further, we can inspire you.

Discussion. For higher level classes – discussion questions and materials work wonders. Find many, many topic related discussion materials on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources. Also see the related – conversation and role play categories.

Vocabulary Matching. Of course look at the main vocabulary category but we also have a more specific category containing hundreds of sets of vocab. matching worksheets.

Phonics. Taking a phonics approach to teaching reading, spelling and pronunciation? Look no further.

We hope these categories and pointers have helped? It might take a little time to find your way around our vast directory but just hit some tags at the bottom of any lesson material description and you’ll find lots of great materials to help you with your teaching! We guarantee it.


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