Things They Didn’t Tell You In Teachers’ College

Teachers’ college and a professional degree in education is great. You learn so many essential things. Educational philosophies and methods. Curriculum development. The laws and history of schooling. Subject specific knowledge. Teaching skills and delivery. And more …..

However, there are many other things they don’t teach you. Many other things you learn in the “teaching trenches” and wish your teacher mentors had told you.

Here is our list of the top things teachers wish they had been told during their teacher preparation program.

  1. You won’t be happy every day. In fact, most days, you’ll just be getting by.

2. You won’t be having much fun on the weekends. You’ll be so bloody tired, you’ll just vegetate watching full Netflix series.

3. You will give students undeserved grades just to get them off your back.

4. Teaching isn’t anything like in the movies! You’ll give up your idealism pretty quickly.

5. You’ll have evil thoughts that you thought you’d never have been capable of ….

6. Sometimes you have to tell students they’re wrong. Despite all the psycho-babble you learned about positive psychology and motivation.

7. You got to act the part. And you’ll do loads of “uneducational” stuff just to get through the day.

8. You’ll attend professional development presentations not because you are excited to learn something new but just to get a break from your classroom.

9. Your principal knows less than you do and isn’t any help.

10. You’ll need a good sedative Your best friend will be one of two. Alcohol or pills.

11. Not all students will love you!

12. You’ll cry every pay day. The big bucks you thought you’d be earning were just pipe dreams.

Got one to add? Hit us up in the comments. We’d love to hear from you and your own dose of teaching reality.


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