Alona in Ukraine

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This is a video report from Alona who was trapped with her parents in Mariupol in eastern Ukraine. She reports on what life was like and how she and her family escaped. Get students to watch and answer some basic comprehension questions about her story. What other questions would they ask Alona? Then, discuss what else students know about the war. Originally published here.

Dear Elona video war report,
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  • Elsa Jock 2 years ago

    Simply heartbreaking!
    I wonder how little Alona is going to heal such deep wounds!
    As a teacher, I’m going to use this video in a two-fold way. Firstly, to create awareness and secondly to practise purposeful question asking.

    • admin 2 years ago

      Yes, awareness-raising is as much an objective as any. I like videos like this that are from the ground up and speak to students directly without all the commentator, media house interference.